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2014-01-29 - We found this little fellow in a dog pound. She was a stray, and had been in the animal shelter for a month. We adopted her, and named her Juniper. She is so sweet, and hopefully she will enjoy her new life as Camper's little sister.

Juniper is a Yellow Lab mix. She was an estimated 1-1/2 years old when we got her. She was pretty wild; we had to carry her into our car, and drag her into our house. And she would run back whenever we even so much as raised a hand, so apparently she had been abused. But it didn't take her long to adapt to living in a loving home. And she seems so appreciative. The two dogs are becoming best pals.

Camper the Golden Retriever and Juniper the Yellow Lab mix. The shaved belly was done at the vets, to check for spaying. Funny story: At the local lake, the dog didn't realize she could be in the water with her feet not touching the ground. Hey, I'm swimming with Camper! Fun!! Also at the dog park, Juniper had no idea that other dogs were so friendly. More fun!!

Juniper gets first place (in the dog category) in her first run. (2014-02-09)

First Place (in the dog category).

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