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I was returning from my 2009 A thu-hike, when Jenny met me at our local airport "I've got someone I want you to meet," I said. So we drove to a certain neighborhood to a certain house, and knocked on the door. Of course I had it all arranged, ahead of time - the family was selling Golden Retriever pups. Jenny walked in - and Surprise! I wished I had a photo of her face when she saw all the little dogs. I took this photo in the family's yard after Jenny had made her choice.

In the car, on our way home.

On the second day home, Jenny wanted to return the dog. It was too much of a feisty handful. But I suggested we wait another day or two, to see if it would settle down. Of course it didn't take Jenny much longer to fall in love with the cute little guy.

Camper's "broom buddy"

It didn't take playful Camper long to learn about Melle's powerful beak. One quick snap and the bird became the alpha. But never mind, in a few months Camper became Mellie's guard dog, keeping a close eye whenever the bird was sitting on her outside perch.

Dead to the world.

Getting to be quite a handsome young dog.

Frisbee toy

Stargazing on a chilly winter's evening

On a camping trip

Camper loves the water, but is out-growing her bathtub. This is "Rabbit": I met her on the AT, and she came to work for Jenny.

Not so sure about this.

At the local dog park.

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