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1979 Mountain 56 Cover Photo

Mountain 56

1979 2nd ascent of Separate Realty.

"Cover Photo: Ray Jardine leading on the second ascent of Separate Reality (5.12) in Yosemite Valley. This twenty-two foot roof problem was first led earlier in the year by Ron Kauk. Good hand-jams take the climber halfway across the roof, but at this point the crack gradually narrows to give finger-locks. Five feet from the lip, while supported from a couple of the worst jams imaginable, the climber must release his feet, lower his body, and turn and lever his legs up towards the lip, so that a foot can be hooked into a bucket just over the edge." Photo: John Lakey

Postcards from the editor.

Note: I understand that since the photo was taken, about 5 feet of the lip has broken off, taking the crux of the climb with it.

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