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Pigeons and the Naked Edge Climbing mag July 1970

"A new camming device has been developed" Off Belay, June 1978

Mountain 56 Cover Photo: Ray Jardine leading the second ascent of Separate Reality (5.12) in Yosemite Valley.

In an amazing ascent: Ray Jardine and Bill Price Free Climb the West Face of El Capitan, Yosemite." Mountain magazine 1979.

A Friend In Need: Eric Perlman discusses the history, construction, and use of Ray Jardine's Friends, Mountain magazine September 1979.

Alec Sharp interviews Ray Jardine. The routes were hard, no doubt about it, and I heard stories of climbers bursting into tears at the top because the pain in their arms was so great.

A day on the Nose of El Capitan. IWA TO YUKI, June 1981, Ray Jardine and Daniel Bolster. "Ray Jardine is well known as the inventor of the FRIENDS. He has marked 50 first ascents of free climbs in Yosemite Valley including seven 5.12's and the first 5.13 on Phoenix route. The first free ascent of grade Vl wall also was made by the author with Bill Price in the spring of 1979 on the West Face route of El Capitan. The present article special to ITY by Jardine and D. Bolster is their diary on a day in their attempt on the Nose route in the spring of 1980."

Epic 700-Mile Kayak Journey. Two San Diego sailors recently completed an epic 700-Mile Mexican Kayak Journey from San Felipe, Mexico, to La Paz, along the Sea of Cortez coast of Baja. This is their story.

SUKA, photo by John Houk

During their round-the-world sailing voyage, Jenny and Ray encountered a number of hurricanes. This article describes what happened to two of their cruising-couple friends. One couple perished by a stroke of bad luck, the other survived by a stroke of good luck.

Latitude 38 August, 1983

The Atoll Toll

by Ray Jardine

(Photo: The boat Ray and Jenny sailed around the world.)

"More miles under his boots
than most people have on their cars"

The Bend Bulletin

June 4, 1992

Handbook gives tips for long-distance hikes by Greg Bolt.

Ray outlines some of his extraordinary lightweight doctrine.. Let me say right away that Ray Jardine is a remarkable character. A scientist, inventor and multi-disciplined outdoorsman, Jardine has taken the accepted doctrine of lightweight back-packing, shaken it up and produced some radical ideas.

Jardine's creativity makes for more enjoyment on the trail

Interview with Ray Jardine

The PCT Hiker's Handbook by Ray Jardine

"Once every two or three decades a book comes along that fundamentally reshapes how we think. Jardine's PCT Hiker's Handbook is such a work."


December, 1996

Book Review

Pack ice on the Beaufort Sea

"Ray and Jenny Jardine were tranquilly paddling their two-person kayak past boulder-sized chunks of ice in the Arctic Ocean when they noticed one of the pieces of ice was keeping pace with them."

The Bend Bulletin

December 31, 1996

"Kayakers Challenge the Arctic"

Recorded history's most devastating El Niño occurred the Winter of 1982 & Spring of 1983. Of course, the El Niño effect had not been identified back then. And unsuspectingly this is when Ray and Jenny Jardine departed San Diego aboard their CT-41 Ketch "SUKA" (Seeking UnKnown Adventure) on a round-the-world voyage.

Latitude 38 October 1997

Experiences with El Niño

by R. Jardine

Packing Light Ray Jardine has taken the search for lighter gear to an extreme. He and his wife, Jenny, have finished their third through-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, Mexico to Canada, in a record three months and four days. They kept up their 35-mile-a-day pace by carrying homemade packs and gear weighting only 8.5 pounds.

Ray Jardine, photo by W. Wood

"When an intellect as big and unencumbered by conventional thinking as Jardine's is focused on a problem, the solution is going to be original, possibly even spectacular, and probably socially unacceptable."

He rocked the world of climbing, challenged the accepted wisdom in sea kayaking, and has turned his renegade way of thinking to backpacking. Of course, Ray Jardine says we've been doing it all wrong.

The Ray Way


"Setbacks turn out Serendipitous"

After a 975 mile trip down Canada's Mackenzie River, and 200 miles of coastal sea-kayaking, Arctic pack ice forced Ray and Jenny Jardine to abandon their original plan of continuing along the Northwest Passage. So the Jardines finished the summer with a canoe trip down the beautiful Thelon River.

Canoe in Thelon Canyon, NWT

"A First Rate Trip of Last Resort"

The Bend Bulletin February 18, 1998

"We see Ray and Jenny in a long line of U.S. based wilderness thinkers and philosophers - Muir, Emerson, Thoreau, Abbey etc. We view them as immensely important and they were right at the top of our list for this second series of Wilderness Walks."

The BBC Wilderness Walks with host Cameron NcNeish, featuring guests Ray and Jenny Jardine.

With a behind-the-scenes film crew of seven, Ray and Jenny embark upon a week long hike through the beautiful Three Sister's Wilderness of Oregon. Along the way they share their wilderness philosophies, detail some of their light weight hiking and camping gear, and practice a few earth-connection skills.

Shown BBC2 20 November 1998 and BBC2 23 July 1999.

Producer's comments: "We see Ray and Jenny Jardine in a long line of U.S. based wilderness thinkers and philosophers - Muir, Emerson, Thoreau, Abbey etc. We view them as immensely important and they were right at the top of our list for this second series of Wilderness Walks."

Jardine 1999

"A successful trip has certain characteristics. Chief among them is finding the inner strength to meet the challenge of unforeseen events and being able to overcome them."

Ray & Jenny Jardine's 1999 Arctic Adventure

Travelers Take Adventure to the Limit by Keith Ridler

The Bend Bulletin October 21, 1999

Ray and Jenny Jardine carefully guided and pulled their gear-filled canoe upstream through rapids on a remote river in Canada's Northwest Territories. Suddenly the river reached out and flipped the canoe, filling it with water so quickly that it acted like a parachute in the current. Ray instantly found himself being dragged downstream across river stones by the two ropes he held. Then he was up and running with Jenny, sprinting past the rapids in pursuit of the canoe - their lifeline out of a swath of tundra tens of thousands of square miles in size called the Barrenlands.

"Profile of Sea Kayak Adventurer Ray Jardine"

Ray Jardine might be best known for his contributions to the climbing world. But there's another side to him most people don't know - one where he swaps his ropes for a paddle as one of the leading expedition sea kayakers in the country.

PADDLER magazine, Jan/Feb 2000, featured this 5-page article by Ethan Bellamy, highlighting Ray & Jenny's adventurous lifestyle.

Shortcuts to Wilderness Connection. Ray Jardine is America's foremost trail walking guru. An advocate of light-weight travel, he also preaches the benefits of getting closer to nature - much closer. Here Ray outlines his short-cut route to getting in-touch with Mother Earth.

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