Soaptree Yuccas are are easy and fun to grow

Aug 2014

Soaptree Yucca. If anyone wants a few seeds, send a pre-stamped envelope. They are easy to grow, but the mature plants prefer a hot dry climate. The one in this photo is among the biggest I've seen, must be decades old.

Soaptree Yuccas are are easy and fun to grow. Instructions: push a seed vertically down into a paper cup of good potting soil, to a depth of 1/4" Make sure the bottom of the cup has good drainage holes. Place the cup in good indirect light, and water the seed liberally once a day. After a week's time, the root should begin to push the seed out of the ground. Just leave it alone. When the spear-leaves are 3" tall, repot into something larger, cut the watering down to once every three days, and give it direct sun for a few hours a day. When the spear-leaves are many and long, plant in the ground.

Crazy Soaptree Yucca. When the seed is germinating, the roots will push the seed back out of the ground.

Soaptree Yucca ready to planted in the ground.

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