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The Journeys Flow 2005

The Journeys Flow 2005


Ray & Jenny Jardine

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The Journey's Flow

Ray & Jenny's Outdoor Classes

September, 2005

Some of the Journey's Flow participants at 10,047 Feet on the summit of Middle Sister.

Behind us at upper right is the nearby summit of North Sister mountain. On the left side of the photo is the lovely string of stratovolcanoes that includes Mt. Washington, Three Fingered Jack, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Hood, and barely visible Mt. Adams. Photo by Will L.

Journeys Flow 2005, Photo Ben T.

Photo by Jenny


"The Journey's Flow is the cutting edge of all wilderness hiking classes. This class is for those with a strong desire to take their skills to the next level. No other class in the world compares to the Journey's Flow.

"This class is not only about hiking and camping, it's about life. Your journey in life may flow much more smoothly after attending this class. To say I highly recommend it is a huge understatement. Ray and Jenny have a lifetime of adventure to share, and for that I am extremely grateful.

"My words struggle to express the experience at the Journey's Flow. The joy of sacred silence, living in the moment, the adventure, the hundreds of profound lessons, the love Ray and Jenny have for this Earth. They have effectively showed me the path to higher consciousness, and I look forward to a life long journey of freeing my mind, as they say "finding those lost pieces of yourself".

"We students prepared for months in advance, long before we departed for the beautiful Three Sisters Wilderness. I was new to sewing, but not a stitch came undone, not a seam failed. We learned the meaning that lies behind creating your own gear. Compare that to the crap shoot you take when buying commercial gear. The Ray-Way kits are incredibly refined, and once you learn to sew your own gear, and use it correctly, you are no longer dependent on the hype and marketing disillusionment that runs rampant in today's society.

"The sewing journey I was on the last couple of weeks was an incredibly deep and enlightening experience to say the least! Sewing the quilt kit, tarp kit, backpack kit, stow sacks, and studying the tarp book, backpack video, and highly detailed instructions with extremely accurate diagrams = A whole new perspective  

Thank you Ray and Jenny, with love and respect,"

-Will L. [PCT 2003, CC2 2003, CC4 2004]


"Having attended all four Connection Camps, I have been actively working with many of the techniques that were presented at the Journey's Flow. I feel the two classes complement each other incredibly. Each with its own emphasis, but put together I feel that I have attained a new level in the outdoors. I feel privileged and honored to have been part of this amazing class.

"Your designs underwent a very rigorous 6 day field trial with 16 sets of gear. To my knowledge there was not one failure and this was by mostly novice seamsters. WOW!

"By sewing my own gear from the kits that you have meticulously designed and refined, I not only now have gear that is of the highest caliber but I also now have the skills to make this gear myself.

"More importantly than gear however is that you are giving us a peek into how two incredibly experienced adventurers actually live and thrive in the wilderness. I want to thank you with all my heart for the gift that the Journey's Flow is. You have both generously given me the keys to the outdoor kingdom.

Thank you. Love," - David D. [CC1, CC2, CC3 2003, CC4 2004]


"This was my first class with Ray and Jenny and I am immensely impressed and pleased with my investment. The week was intense, purposeful, and required deep focus prior to and during the course. In a short time, Ray packs in a magnitude of practical and informative information, combined with hands-on experience - and the results are rewarding. I learned volumes. I will be applying what I've learned this week to my future wilderness adventures, as well as my life's journey. With deep gratitude, I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend a week in the wilds with Ray and Jenny. Thank you both." -Ben T.


"Thank you Ray and Jenny for the beautiful week in the Three Sisters Wilderness. I got the opportunity to use the gear I made per your designs. Prior to the class I purchased and made your Ray-Way pack, quilt, tarp, net-tent, knife and sheath. I brought them all and they performed wonderfully. I was especially impressed with how my pack felt and performed when we loaded 22 pounds of water for the long climb up to our camp above treeline. The pack carried the load beautifully. The instruction and information were excellent. This was a trip that will live in my memory forever. Thank you again for teaching me to flow on the trail as well as in life." - Richard M. [CC1 2003]


"Having attended a Connection Camp, I had great expectations for an experience that would set the bar higher than anything I have done before. My expectations were nowhere near high enough. This was a week of continuous learning and experience that are so creative and intensely to the point that it is far above anything available elsewhere. It is so obvious that Ray and Jenny are not guessing at what they teach, they continuously live it. I could write an extensive list of specifics I have learned but that would not convey the actual understanding that one receives from their instruction. Ray and Jenny have my gratitude and utmost respect for the depth of character they strive to instill in all of their students through their instruction. My life has been vastly improved by my association with them. My journey has found a new and wonderful flow. Thank you." - Fred E. [CC4 2004]


When I reflect back on the last week and ask myself "how do I feel right now?" my first thought is that I feel tired, but its the good kind of tired that follows the culmination of a successful endeavor. An endeavor in the best classroom with the best teachers possible, and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to grow and become an even better human being. With eagerness I look forward to applying what I've learned here and hopefully influencing and positively changing myself and those around me." - Michael C.


I've been backpacking for over 30 years and thought I knew a lot, but after a week at the Journey's Flow I realize I haven't learned anything new for most of those years. The week at Journey's Flow was an eye opening experience on many levels, from lightweight skills to gaining a fuller appreciation for the world around us. Ray and Jenny have a unique teaching style that makes the class fun, interesting, and challenging. I highly recommend this class." - Glenn E.


This was my fifth course with Ray and Jenny and my second Journey's Flow. I found myself picking up on a lot more of the details that I had overlooked previously. All the equipment that I carried I had made or modified extensively. Ray's equipment designs are second to none and I have tested the tarp, backpack, and quilt extensively in the stormy UK conditions. They all work superbly and in my view outperform general expectations of them. This week has been great fun and a lot has been covered. Ray and Jenny's enthusiasm makes for an intense week, and I would urge any would-be applicants to sign up for a course while the opportunity is there." - Mike G., UK [CC1 2003, SW3 2004, JF2 2004, CC4 2004]


"I came to Journey's Flow class to learn techniques of lightweight backpacking. At age 60 I didn't want to waste time learning on my own over time. I wanted intensive training from the renowned experts. Ray and Jenny delivered in spades! What did I learn that I didn't expect? A whole new way of being a "traveler" in the woods... aware, in tune, and a part of the rhythm of nature. Walking more softly, with heightened senses, I experienced more of nature than ever before. For those looking for more out of their outdoor experience, this class is the ticket." - Bob M.


"The Journey's Flow is an unforgettable experience to learn about hiking techniques and awareness of nature from the master himself, Ray Jardine and his wife, Jenny. Ray puts his whole heart into the course and shares his vast knowledge and decades of experience with each individual student. Students will come away from the experience with much more than they bargained for. Ray teaches in a way that no textbook or video can possibly approach. To truly understand the meaning of the words "Ray-Way" you have to experience it yourself. Thanks Ray and Jenny." -Sean C.


"Ray and Jenny, First off, thanks for letting me be here. Since the classes first started I really wanted to participate in one. After being in this class I now realize that I really needed an education like this. My life and hiking will have been changed from the seven days spent here: a way to view things, a way to analyze nature and life. Thanks for taking the time to make the classes happen. Your efforts show in the sheer volume of knowledge passed on, the excitement in what you do, not a moment wasted.

When I told my friends I'd be taking this class I was always asked what would be taught. I knew what the course description said, but I had the feeling I really didn't know. This is far beyond a "camping class." It's a life class. My answer to my friends question was usually, "I don't know." In that way I could be prepared and open for whatever was taught. Now, when my friends ask me what I learned in the class I want to say, "I learned how to walk (flow)" but it'd be hard to explain to them.

As we were hiking along this week I imagined the significance of this experience, 60 years from now. I thought of myself in my old age overhearing a conversation between two young guys:

"Have you heard of Ray Jardine?"

"Yeah, the father of ultra-light backpacking."

"Did you know after Beyond Backpacking he taught classes on it for a few years..."

"Can you imagine what it would have been like to have been in one of those classes..."

I feel privileged to be here and so glad for the opportunity. I look forward to the chance to apply all the things I've learned. It will lift me a little further. Ray and Jenny, I know this class takes a lot of effort to prepare for, and you're probably drained when you're done, but I hope you'll have the chance to teach a class each year. I know I need it and there are many more people out there that need it."

Jenny, thanks for your kind, sweet way, and for your presence. Ray, thanks for your enthusiasm. It's rare to find people who teach, who so fully live and enjoy what they teach. Thanks for your time. Thanks for sharing with us what you've learned through your life and in the wilderness. Thanks for teaching me how to walk. Your friend" -Dodge D.

Chief Instructor David explaining how make a bow-drill fire

Jenny makes a bow-drill fire

Jenny teaches how to bake scones on a cook-fire

Studying maps

"This was a trip that will live in my memory forever." - Richard M.

"Your designs underwent a very rigorous 6 day field trial with 16 sets of gear. To my knowledge there was not one failure and this was by mostly novice seamsters. WOW!" - David D.

Photo by Mike G.

For me it is always fun to pull into a place where the students had practiced their cook-fires a year previously, and not be able to find a shred of evidence. I do not recommend cook-fires universally, but I do think the students should at least know how to use them safely and without leaving the slightest trace. Photo by Mike G.

Here we are hiking cross-country in a bit of rain. Photo by Mike G.

A high camp at the Journeys Flow. Photo by Will L.

"Hi Ray and Jenny! From your campfire updates, it sounds like people are stoked about your classes! I know I still am from that first connection camp. It was a life changing experience and something I'll always cherish. Maybe I'm wrong, but it appears that your style of life impacts people at a much deeper level when they get to meet you both in person. I think a glimpse into a true adventures life, however brief does wonders for the human spirit. It awakes and inspires the hybernating imagination of a life more meaningful beyond the gates of civilization. I was lucky enough to have a father who lived his own dreams at the expense of "success" and taught me young to walk my own path, and don't be afraid to go against the grain when your feeling out whats in your heart. I forget these lessons and its always a pleasure to be reminded when I read your stories of fascinating adventures. - James G.

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