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Dec 2016

Day 7: Tokyo

Nearby the hotel was this fruit and veg store. The produce caught our eye. Wow!

Tokyo at night. The view from our hotel from the 20th floor.

We spent the greater part of a day in Kiyosumi Garden. The entrance fee for me was only 75 cents.

Pond Turtle taking a sun bath.

"Our" Grey Heron, a koi fish, a pintail duck and greater scaups.

This Grey Heron was wild but totally unafraid of people. We sat there with the bird for 45 minutes, and during that time dozens of people walked by. One person reached out and touched it, and the bird merely scooted over a few feet. And that's a big thing we noticed about Japanese people. They have great respect for things. In this case the beauty of the park and the wild birds and fish.


A koi fish hoping for a handout.

The view from our room. We're on the 15th floor. The freeway is five levels high.

Mt. Fuji.
Our trip was fabulous and we can't wait to return.

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