National Long Trail Forum, Japan

Dec 2016

Day 4: The Long Trail Fourum and Evening Party

I made a plaque for Ryuji and mounted an original Friend Cam - hand made by me in 1975.

Officials of Tottori goverment, San’in Kaigan Geopark, and Japan long Trail Association.

The Governor of Tottori Prefecture welcoming us.

レイ・ジャーディン (Ray Jardine)

On stage.

Behind stage. Wakana and Hatsumi, TV personalities, singers and song writers, and strong hikers. Photo by Jenny.

"Team Ray-Way".

At the party, several people brought their backpacks for me to sign. One fellow said "Henry David Thoreau changed my mind, Ray Jardine changed my entire life."

This guy gave me a nice home-made ultralight stove.

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