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Dec 2016

Day 2: Tottori and Kyusho Park


Metting Ryuji for the first time. He brought along an old Japanese magazine that he wanted me to sign.

Our first day in Japan, Kaksu explaining their money.

Extra-large apples and pears.

On our first day in Japan we had to check-out the unusual foods in a big grocery store. Pretty much everything was unusual.  

Kyusho Park, located at Tottori Castle Ruins at the base of Mt. Kyusho.

Katsu and Jenny

The koi fish draw near hoping to get fed. We saw some people feeding them bread. We asked the gate keeper for permission, but were told it's not lawful.

In the Japanese gardens, we sensed a profound respect for nature. We were drawn into these gardens, and often just stood there in awe. The beauty seemed generations deep. The stone figurine is a memorial.

The trails of Mt. Kyusho.

We were coming down into town after hiking a trail on Mt. Kyush, when we stopped at this tea house. I had a sense that the owner had been to Nepal, so out of the blue I asked if he had been to Everest. Yes, indeed, Camp 3, he beamed. In retrospect it was pretty amazing. He had no evidence in his shop that he was a climber. But something in my mind just clicked. I learned later that the tea house is named "Dhaura" after the 7th highest peak Dhauragiri.

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