Hiking the Appalachian Trail #4b

Harpers Ferry WV to Lincoln NH

AT Section Hiking

44 days, 777 miles, Apr-May 2016


Photo Essay Under Construction

Under the tarp and inside the Spitfire Net-Tent, I'm staying nice and dry - despite the heavy rain.

Next morning after breaking camp, the leaves under my tarp are dry.

The woods are sopping wet.

Breaking camp the next morning, I found that during the night my body heat had dried the ground under me.

Making tracks in my running shoes.

The same rain was snow on the mountain above. This is the trail near the high-point on Mt. Killington, VT.

Canadian geese goslings.

The trail on Styles Peak.

Photo taken while standing on the trail. Beautiful - but mid May isn't supposed to look like this  

Mid May in Vermont.

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