Hiking the Appalachian Trail #4b

Harpers Ferry WV to Lincoln NH

AT Section Hiking

44 days, 777 miles, Apr-May 2016


Sages Ravine Brook Campsite

Sages Ravine Brook

Swirling clouds on Race Mountain.

Nice reflection on the trail.   Lots of rain again today.

The trail could have easily avoided this cleft, were it not meant to impress.

On East Mountain, looking across at Bear Mountain where I had been yesterday.

Pond on Swann Brook

Benedict Pond

Stumblebush in bloom.

In early season the hardwoods have not yet grown their leaves.

I stopped at the Mt. Wilcox South Shelter just for old times sake. I stayed here in 2010 during a horrific wind storm. Back in those days there were very few early-season hikers, so the shelters were mostly empty. That night a frigid wind was blowing with so much force it was coming through the chinks the walls. So I pitched my tarp on the upper bunk, and that did the trick. In retrospect it was pretty funny, pitching a tarp in a shelter.

Blowdowns on the trail.

The ferns are starting to grow on the side of the trail.

Skunk cabbage, size extra-large. I'm wearing new pants, prototypes of our shell pants kit. Initially we will offer only one color - this light blue. The material is proprietary, available only from us. The pants are extremely lightweight, and dry extremely fast. mosquitoes and blackflies can't bite through them, and ticks can't cling to them.

The AT follows Hop Brook, near Tyringham, for just a short ways. Mid season it's a good swimming hole.

Early morning on the trail. Because of the sun in my face, I'm wearing a baseball hat with a brim. The brim on this particular hat is longer than I would have liked - it's cuts off my view when looking up and forward. So I didn't see it coming. Plus I was lost in my thoughts and was not paying attention. BAM!!! It felt like a baseball bat to the head. It knocked me backwards, flat on my back.

Feeling like a right fool, I got up, brushed myself off, and took this photo. It was pretty funny!

Upper Goose Pond

The AT crosses over I-90 (Mass. Turnpike) on a pedestrian bridge, then makes a full circle turn to pass under the bridge.

Becket Mountain

Trout lily

Finerty Pond

Marsh marigold

Trout lilies are the primary ground cover in this area.

Warner Hill, south of Dalton.

Mt. Greylock from Warner Hill.

Painted Trillium

The trail crosses these railroad tracks just outside of Dalton. I happened to arrive here just as the train was passing by. The train was remarkably long; I had to wait for what seemed like ten minutes.

Reflection in the East Branch Housatonic River of an old factory.

Quick breakfast stop in Dalton.

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