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Motorcycling Baja Peninsula

Motorcycling Adventure #17

9 days, 2,034 miles, Nov 2015

Ray & Jenny Jardine

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Day 9: Nov 9

Ensenada to Home

The gps had come in realy handy, and this case it showed the turnoff to Tecate, a few miles north of Ensenada. This road, Highway 3, was recently paved and not busy. It was a really fun, pleasant and scenic ride through wine country. Even though the early morning air was again quite chilly.

The road climbed over some mountains and dropped into valleys with small towns. Reaching Tecate, we got caught in a one-lane traffic jam. Finally we got in line for the border crossing. The driver of the car ahead of us motioned for us to pass, saying to pass all the waiting cars, and the border authorities will let you through.

So we passed probably a mile of waiting traffic that at one area went up a steep hill that would have been difficult to wait on a motorcycle. We came to a military checkpoint where the soldier waved us through, and to proceed to the US border station booth. The agent processed us only one motorcycle at time. She scanned our passports and looked at our license plates and asked if we had anything to declare. And we were back on US soil.

Following the gps now became much easier because the gps showed the roads on the map. We followed Highway 188, the Tecate Road, north to Highway 94, Campo Road, where we turned right, east. This was a fun and twisty, well-paved road with little traffic.

On our way home we stop to visit the PCT, three miles from the border. Sometime we'd like to hike this trail again; next year (2016) Ray would like to re-hike the AT.

A few miles before reaching Campo we pulled off for a short pit stop and happened to find the PCT. The trail sign said 3.2 miles to the border. We rode past the old Campo store and kept going a few more miles to Cameron Corners where we stopped at the gas station and convenience store. We tanked up and bought cup of real coffee.

Soon we were whisking along Interstate 8, headed for home. The traffic wasn't too bad. We stopped for gas in Yuma. At Dateland we stopped and I stocked up on dates, for us and for gifts for my family. Dateland is one of the few places we have found that sells a wide selection of dates, all grown right there at the Dateland date groves.

At the eastern Gila Bend exit, we pulled off and took a rest on the south side of the highway, at a gravel pile. Instead of retracing our track to the highway on-ramp, we simply climbed the dirt and gravel slope up to the on-ramp and got back on the interstate.

We arrived home at 4:20 pm, which pleased me greatly because it meant that I had time to drive to Oro Valley to pick up Camper and Juniper from the kennel.

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