2014-09 GDRx2

The Great Divide Route (x2)

Motorcycling Adventure #15

20 days, 5,222 mi., Sept 2014

Ray Jardine

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2014-09 GDRx2

Eleven Thousand Miles of Dirt This Summer

The GDR (Great Divide Route) is one of the toughest mountain bike rides in the country. Its 2,700 miles long, and runs from Banff Canada to the Mexican border. It's also possible with a dual-sport motorcycle. I've ridden it nine times (four this this year).


Changing the rear tire for a new one.

Arriving at a motel after dark, and in the rain.

Heading into a storm when the clouds started spitting lightning. I turned around.

The weather is good, so I have pitched my tarp extra high - with the tie-points (to a tree and a stick) head high.

Teakettle Rock, NM

Heading home.


Photo by Shooby and FZcruzer

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20 days, 5,222 miles

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