2013-07 GDRx2

The Great Divide Route (x2)

Motorcycling Adventure #13

20 days, 4,756 miles, Jul 2013

Ray Jardine

Day 21 2013-07-21Epilogue - Preparations and Gear page 21 of 21



Getting ready for the GDR: installing a new fuel filter. Also have done:

  • Changed engine oil and installed new oil filter
  • New fuel filter
  • New clutch cable
  • Lubed throttle
  • New tires (TKC80 knobbies) for riding dirt and gravel & new inner tubes
  • New rear brake pads (front pads ok)
  • Check and clean brake lights
  • Check coolant (ok)

Riding gear

2-Person x-Large Net-Tent, light brown floor
1-Person Quilt 2 layers Alpine
2-Person Tarp, sky blue
Stakes (10)
Batwing (not used)

We write the history of item on the item itself. This is my tarp: 17.8 oz Made for TARP BOOK 2003, Used: IUA 2003, JF & CC classes, Moto Prudhoe 2011, Moto Utah 2012, Moto CA 2012, Moto CDRx2 2013

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