2013-07 GDRx2

The Great Divide Route (x2)

Motorcycling Adventure #13

20 days, 4,756 miles, Jul 2013

Ray Jardine

Day 10 2013-07-10 page 10 of 21

Day's Riding: Campsite below Table Mt to campsite along Marsh Creek - 133 mi.

Day 10: Montana

A stop in Butte for gas and coffee.

Northern Pacific Railway tunnel

Ruins of the Glass brothers' smelter near Basin

The GDR on Lava Mt. This hill is much steeper that it looks in the photo, and too steep and rocky for my skill level. And anyway I wouldn’t want to contribute or even or coexist with that kind of erosion. (Most of the erosion was caused by Jeeps and Quads it seemed to me) But what's more, the route is closed to motorized vehicles - according the posted sign - so we we went around.

An old lime kiln on the outskirts of Helena.

Imagine you are taking a break from an all-day car ride, sitting in the shade and eating a snack, when three guys stop their cars, come over and strike up a friendly conversation. And time to go, handshakes are shared all around with sincere wishes for enjoyable trips. Such a thing would be almost unheard of. But switch to motorcycles, and such a thing happens. According to these guys, we were the first moto riders they had met on the route. And they certainly made my day because I enjoy meeting other riders.

The old Empire Mill Site.

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