2013-07 GDRx2

The Great Divide Route (x2)

Motorcycling Adventure #13

20 days, 4,756 miles, Jul 2013

Ray Jardine

Day 1 2013-07-01 page 1 of 21
The rugged Centennial Mountains.

Day's Riding: Home to campsite near Cuba NM, 472 mi.

The GDR (Great Divide Route) has become one of my favorite rides, and I'm eager to ride it again. As with the previous year, I plan to skip the route through New Mexico, due to the heat, and instead ride pavement through AZ & NM and get on the route in the mountains of southern Colorado. When I reach the Canadian border I plan to turn around and follow the route back to NM.

Day 1: Arizona


Queen Creek Canyon

Salt Creek

New Mexico

First night's camp, 4 mi. north of Cuba NM.

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