Dads Memorial

Motorcycling Adventure #12

6 days, May 2013

Ray & Jenny Jardine

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Our ride to Colorado to attend Dad's memorial service. 1,738 mi. AZ to CO and return

My father passed away quietly at home, in the company of my mother and a few family members. He had no serious health issues.

I wanted to fly to Colorado, to be with my family, but Jenny wanted to ride the bikes, so that's what we did.

Flat tire out in the middle of nowhere, New Mexico. We were offered help a few times, but had the situation under control. One of the people who stopped was a friendly highway patrol officer who said he rides motorcycles also.

Jenny said the bike was wobbling in certain conditions, so I tightened the steering head bearings, and that did the trick. (I had torqued them to spec, but apparently that was not quite tight enough.) I like to work on the bikes, and this was only a half-hour job.

Mom and a great-grandchild.

Back on the road, heading back to Arizona.

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