Motorcycling the TAT through UT-NV-OR

Utah, Nevada, and Oregon

Motorcycling Adventure #11

15 days, 3,647 mi., Oct 2012

Ray Jardine

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Green River to Salina - 157 mi.

In the desert west of Green River, getting an early start.

I love the subtle colors of early morning.

Highway running through the San Rafael Swell

Rather than follow the TAT through Black Dragon wash, I followed the road through Buckhorn Draw. This road is suitable for ordinary cars and would be highly recommended for anyone driving in the area.

Dramatic light signals an impending storm. Better lay low tomorrow.

Into Buckhorn Draw. There's a good campground here, at San Rafael Creek.

These towering cliffs go on for miles.

At the Buckhorn Wash Pictograph Panel



Comparing notes with a fellow traveler, he recommended a six-mile side trip to see the "Little Grand Canyon." So that's where I'm headed next.

In motorcycle jargon, someone who drives a car is a "cager." No offense to all the people trapped in their cages, but this photo reminds me of the reason I like to travel. It's called "freedom."

The Wedge Overlook.

Little Grand Canyon

I like these old, battered trees and how they have withstood the elements. "Don't give up," they seem to say. Stand your ground and carve yourself a niche in life.

Approaching the town of Castle Dale, UT (not yet visible). The Manti Mountains (Wasatch Plateau) are next on my day's riding agenda.

Stopped for highway construction en route to Ferron. Note the thick high-cirrus portending a coming storm.

Climbing into the Manti Mountains.

Higher and higher - 50 miles to get over this batch of mountains.

Its cold and windy up here, but finally I have the pass in sight.

Descending the Manti Mountains en route to Mayfield.

I was riding slow, enjoying the awesome view, when a buck suddenly ran across the road in front of me - a few feet away. If I had been going any faster I would have run into him. Nevertheless, it was pretty funny because of all the deer hunters around.

Late lunch stop. How do I manage without a chair? I simply lay down on the soft grass. There's not much danger of ticks this late in the year.

Good dirt road south of Mayfield, en route to Salina where I will spend the night. Look out ma, storm's a coming.

Note on the map below, the short blue line in the middle of the state. That was today. Doesn't seem like much!

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3,647 mi. in 15 days

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