Motorcycling the TAT through UT-NV-OR

Utah, Nevada, and Oregon

Motorcycling Adventure #11

15 days, 3,647 mi., Oct 2012

Ray Jardine

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Back on the TAT where I left it last time - 18 miles out of Dolores, CO

A good section of road through the high-country makes for a beautiful ride this time of year.

A grove of cottonwoods on the Dolores River.

Breakfast stop in Pleasant View, CO

Approaching the La Sals (South Mt) and the non-town of the same name (La Sal, Utah).

Climbing into the La Sals

Mt. Peale in the late fall season. At this altitude the Aspen are losing their leaves.

Mt Mellenthin

The La Sals, central group, and the road around them.

After surmounting Geyser Pass 10,528' the route drops down into the Moab area.

The lower part of the road was closed, so I had to follow nearby Geyser Pass Road to Moab.

In the desert NW of Moab. That's Geyser Pass between the north and central groups of the La Sals.

Its been a long and fun day of riding.

Headed for Green River to spend the night.

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3,647 mi. in 15 days

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