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Challenging Dirt Roads Through Colorado

Motorcycling Adventure #10

8 days, 2,073 miles, Sep 2012

Ray Jardine

Day 6 2012-09-18Day 6 page 7 of 8

I need a spare inner tube, so I headed 16 mi SE to a motorcycle shop in Manus, CO. They didn't have one. So I headed west into Utah and the Valley of the Gods and Muley Point to enjoy the rest of my day.

Bluff, Utah

Setting Hen and Rooster Buttes in the Valley of the Gods

Castle Butte

Moki Dugway - good for zooming!! (aka Moqui or Mokee Dugway)

View from the top of the Moki Dugway, looking 1,100 feet down.

Camped under the stars, amongst pinion pines Camp (open with Google Earth)

New quilt, nice and warm! When motorcycle touring I don't use a foam pad. And I rarely use a ground sheet, but here I did because of the sand. I'm sleeping atop my Net-Tent, but as the night turned dark the mosquitoes came out so I had to crawl inside the Net-Tent and pull the netting over my face. Works good that way.

Sunset at Muley Point

I was fascinated by this old juniper growing on the brink of the high cliffs.

Two generations of lichen on sandstone.

Yucca pods catching the alpenglow.

I'm not carrying a DSLR (or tripod) on this trip, but taking these photos with a point-and-shoot (and wringing it to the max).

For this photo I reached out from my bed and laid the camera on the ground, pointing straight up with the self-timer set to 10 seconds and exposure set to 30 seconds.

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