Motorcycling CA Mountains & Coast

North through Sierras, South along the Pacific Coast.

Motorcycling Adventure #9

11 days, 3,282 miles, Aug 2012

Ray & Jenny Jardine

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Tehachapi to Springvill - 133 mi

The road from Tehachapi to Lake Isabella is something I never would have thought to ride. It is steep in places and super twisty, and so isolated that the oncoming traffic is fond of being partly in your lane - so we had be very careful on this stretch.

I had never seen a train from quite this angle.

This is typical scenery in the Sierra foothills, where the landscape has shed its chaparral of southern California and given away to Oak and pine Woodlands

Lunch stop at the former mining town of Havilah.

The dog appeared well fed, but was so friendly that she got a portion of our lunch.

The beautiful Kern river as it flows through the town of Kernville, before feeding into Lake Isabella.

At the "Trail of 100 Giants," at the Giant Sequoia National Monument. (Parking lot)

A scrappy tree squirrel hoping for a handout. It doesn't look heathy; probably eating too much junk food.

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CA Mountains & Coast - 3,282 miles in 11 days
Ray & Jenny Jardine

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