Motorcycling CA Mountains & Coast

North through Sierras, South along the Pacific Coast.

Motorcycling Adventure #9

11 days, 3,282 miles, Aug 2012

Ray & Jenny Jardine

Day 2 2012-08-14Day 2 page 2 of 11

Idyllwild to Tehachapi - 291 mi

Descending Mt. San Jacinto

Big Bear Lake

Bay leaves and seed pod. At the very outset of my Yosemite climbing career, I was taught that taking a whiff of a fresh Bay leaf would calm ones nerves. So I carried a few in my pocket on every single route. I don't know if the principal actually worked, but in those eleven years I grew immensely fond of the fragrance and it's association with climbing. The California bay tree (Umbellularia californica) is also known as California laurel and Oregon myrtle.

Mt. Baden Powell (North Baldy) in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Taking a cool respite at the Monte Cristo Campground

Time for showers and a restaurant meal. Sometimes if a motel's location seems a bit suspect, I will pull the bikes inside.

Then during the night a truck parked right outside our door. Come morning it took us half an hour to get the bikes out.  

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CA Mountains & Coast - 3,282 miles in 11 days
Ray & Jenny Jardine

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