4,000 Miles of Dirt CDRx2

Continental Divide From Colorado to the Canadian Border, and Return Along the Same Route

Motorcycling Adventure #8

17.5 days, 4,853 miles, Jun-Jul 2012

Ray Jardine

2012-06-27Day 3 page 4 of 19

Campsite along FS-250 to Gunnison - 181 mi.

Little and Big Red Mountains


Silky Phacelia

Wonderful Colorado scenery with a view of Montezuma Peak and Long Trek Mountain.

Back down in the desert, after a gas stop in Del Norte.

Hells Gate

I got two good photos at this place.

Carnero Pass

"Look out ma, storm's a-coming!" (Reminds me of a Far Side cartoon.)

On the way to Cochetopa Pass, I reached this level spot and thought about camping because the road was getting slippery with mud.

At Cochetopa Pass the rain let up, and the road began to dry out. Nice camping here but it wasn't time to quit for the day. (Note that I often have to park facing the other way due to the short kickstand and the contrary slope of the ground.

The nice lady at the motel in Gunnison let me hose the mud off the bike.

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