4,000 Miles of Dirt CDRx2

Continental Divide From Colorado to the Canadian Border, and Return Along the Same Route

Motorcycling Adventure #8

17.5 days, 4,853 miles, Jun-Jul 2012

Ray Jardine

2012-06-26Day 2 page 3 of 19

Bluewater Lake State Park, NM to campsite along FS-250 - 248 mi.

Stunning scenery outside of Thoreau, NM.

Out across the desert on reservation land.

Good food at the Del Prado in Cuba, NM. I don't normally stop for breakfast, but had arranged to meet another rider. This table had all the right features: a large window so that I could keep an eye on my bike, and a plug-in to charge my phone.

I don't normally take photos of food, but this plate of Huevos rancheros was exceptional.

Speaking of exceptional . . .

The Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad crossing the highway leading up to Cumbres Pass.

Now in southern CO, the route follows the Conejos River to the small town of Platoro.

I camped here last summer during my previous ride of the GDR. It's a beautiful place.

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