4,000 Miles of Dirt CDRx2

Continental Divide From Colorado to the Canadian Border, and Return Along the Same Route

Motorcycling Adventure #8

17.5 days, 4,853 miles, Jun-Jul 2012

Ray Jardine

2012-06-24Preparations page 1 of 19

Why do I love motorcycling? It helps me get around my back yard. And I have a big back yard. It extends all the way from Mexico to Canada.

Trip Notes:

I plan to skip the route through New Mexico, and instead ride pavement through NM and get on the route in southern Colorado.

When I reach the Canadian border I will turn around and follow the route back to NM.

Meanwhile I'm getting the bike ready:

  • Changed engine oil and installed new oil filter
  • New spark plugs
  • New air filter
  • Checked valves timing (ok)
  • Lubed throttle and clutch cables
  • New tires (TKC80 knobbies) for riding dirt and gravel & new inner tubes
  • New chain and sprockets
  • New rear brake pads (front pads ok)
  • Flush brake lines
  • Check coolant (ok)

New tires mean new adventures. Oh boy!

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