Motorcycling the Four Corners

Florida, Maine, Washington, California

Motorcycling Adventure #7

20 days, 8,500 mi., May 2012

Ray Jardine

Day 1 2012-05-24 page 1 of 20

Its a big world out there - so much to explore, so many friendly people to meet, so much beautiful scenery to admire. But most of all, its about the journey - the day-to-day moving towards a distant objective.

To Radium Springs, NM - 400 mi.

True to form, I'm working on the bike the afternoon before departure.

The morning of departure.

Climbing the pass above Three Points.

Century Plant (Agave parryi)

Lunch stop at Blackjack Campground

Emory Pass, one of my favorite places in the SW. I've been here six times on journey.

A pretty horned toad

Leasburg Dam State Park

Camping under the stars. I'm using my Net-Tent as a ground sheet. After I took this photo, the fire ants made me crawl inside the Net-Tent and zip the door closed. After that, they were no longer a problem.

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