Great Divide, ALCAN and Dalton, and Costal Highways

Motorcycling Adventure #2

40 days, 10,700 miles, Jun-Aug 2011

Ray Jardine

Day 41 2011-07-31Marina to home, 837 mi. page 40 of 41

25 hours on the road

Big Sur

A field of strawberries.

Highway 1 led past beautiful beaches, one after the other.

South of Ventura.

From Dana Point it was time to go home - so I started riding the slab. I followed 5 to Oceanside, then not liking that headed east to 15. In San Diego I got on 8, and stayed on that for the remainder of the night.

No sleep for me tonight. I stopped here to eat a snack.

I drove all night to keep the engine cool. The daytime temps in Arizona might have made the radiator boil over. The haul road had clogged and the radiator core with mud-sluge, and ruined it; so I had to nurse the bike to get it home.

A beautiful Arizona sunrise welcomes me home.

Dogs are amazing. She can't see my face, but knows without a doubt who I am.

After six weeks on the road, I'm home!

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