Great Divide, ALCAN and Dalton, and Costal Highways

Motorcycling Adventure #2

40 days, 10,700 miles, Jun-Aug 2011

Ray Jardine

Day 3 2011-06-23Reserve CS to Grants, 138 mi. page 4 of 41

Note the safety strap rigged from the bike to the tree, to prevent the bike from falling over on the shelter during the night.

I'm camped on a ridge with nice views.

The road is getting better the further away from Hwy 12, but it's still rough. The 25 miles from Hwy 12 to Pie Town took 4.5 hours. I'm treating the bike gently because I have a long way to go to reach the top of N. America.

A crossing of the CDT (Continental Divide Trail) with the GDR (Great Divide Route).

The GDR desends back down into desert climes.

The pink building on the right used to be the town's Post Office, and was where Jenny and I collected our final resupply during our 1992 CDT thru-hike.

And of course the pie, but I hadn't worked up an appetite quit yet, so stopped only long enough to take the photo.

In another few hours I needed to get out of the sun, so took a nice break in the shade of this pinyon pine. These trees yield edible pinyon nuts but only on certan years; and this was not one of them.

Coming out of the trees, and back into the desert.

Duck-walking across the sand. I hit a patch of soft sand at 30 mph, and kept the bike upright with my feet. Good save. I didn't realize it then, but an expert would not have snapped the clutch and cut the gas. That's what threw the bike wildly out of control (the sudden deceleration while trying to stop).

This is CDT hiker Bear. That's my water.

La Ventana Arch.

While rolling through a town, I look for places like this where I can park my bike right outside my room. And also I make sure that the rooms have windows such as this, so I can see my bike parked outside. The only motels that fit this description are the older ones. When it comes to staying in motels, the cheaper the better. My needs are not great, as long as the room is clean.

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