Great Divide, ALCAN and Dalton, and Costal Highways

Motorcycling Adventure #2

40 days, 10,700 miles, Jun-Aug 2011

Ray Jardine

Day 0 2011-06-20Preamble page 1 of 41

Preparations for my NFT

  • Check valve adjustment
  • flush brake fluid and antifreeze
  • Change oil filter and air filter
  • Loctite-242 most bolts
  • Change tires to knobbies (Continental TKC 80 Twinduro)
  • Remove brake pads for inspection and lube the slider pins.
  • Install engine protection brackets.
  • Install new pannier brackets and panniers.
  • Raise the front fender a little, to better handle mud.
  • New 2P Net-Tent sewn by Jenny.

Check valve clearances.

Top end looks good.

Changing tires in my shop.

My tool cart.

Jesse Luggage Odyssey Side Bags installed 2011-16-10. Right one leaked and I spent hours trying to figure out a way to stop the leak. Finally, careful alignment so all washers covered up the oblong holes, and a thin nylon washer under the ss uppermost washer (to act as a gap filler) did the trick. The uppermost bolt sat too close to the bend in the case, and warped the washer when tightened. But on one case only; the case on other side was fine.

Note: during my Moto-America trip, on the Blue Ridge Parkway going 45 mph the bike got 81 miles per gallon. That dropped to 70 mpg going 55 mph, which was my usual speed for most of the trip. But going 85 mph it gets only 55 mpg.

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