Motorcycling Coast to Coast - Twice

Motorcycling Adventure #1

22 days, 7,300 miles, Apr 2011

Ray Jardine

Day 3 2011-04-22A Visit to Carlsbad Caverns page 3 of 23

2011 MA Day-03 Carlsbad to Caverns and return - 55 mi.

First order of the day: change the oil.

Jenny brought all the tools I needed for the job.

The city of Carlsbad is about 27 miles from the cave. At the turnout from the highway is a little town of Whites, named after Jim White, the first Caucasian to discover and also develop the caverns for tourists. From the town the road winds through very pretty desert country. It looks like a National Park even without the caves.

The phenomenon that is Carlsbad Caverns. We were impressed!

The ranger-guided tours were fully booked, so we rented audio tours, and spent three hours wandering around in awe on the trail leading through the Big Room.

Remarkably, there's a cafeteria and gift shop in the cave, 900 feet below the surface.

Those with an eye for detail might put this on their bucket list. This cave is a must see.

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