Motorcycling Coast to Coast - Twice

Motorcycling Adventure #1

22 days, 7,300 miles, Apr 2011

Ray Jardine

Day 22 2011-05-11Gear page 23 of 23

Shown above are some of the things I custom installed, getting ready for my NFT.

The relay powers the phone charger, shown below. It also powers the GPS and heated garment socket.

I wired the relay to my tail-light, as a trigger, so it shuts everything off when I switch the ignition key off. That way, anything left on will not discharge the battery.

The phone charger will also charge my bluetooth headset, and my camera battery. It's the kind that plugs into a cigarette lighter socket, but I tore the back end off, and wired it to the relay.

Tires: Dunlop 607. New at the start, worn-out at the finish. I liked these tires very much. Lots of traction, even in the rain. They are a street tire, not meant to use on dirt, despite the 80/20 rating. However, they feather pretty badly as they wear, so I will try something else next time.

The only piece of gear that did not care for was the red and yellow riding suit. It leaks badly in heavy rain, and tends to destroy the clothing worn under it, as well as the fabric parts of the lower helmet, due to the fierce Velcro hooks-tape placed at just the wrong locations. But the suit was so expensive that I will keep on wearing it, rather than buying something else. Eventually I'd like to make one, but for this ride I at least modified the Velcro, with Jenny's help, so it didn't tear up the clothing so badly. But can you imagine an expensive Gore-Text suit that leaks badly? That is commercial gear for you - designed to make money. And by the way, we called the company and they wanted us to pay for their fixing the suit do it doesn't leak so badly. No thanks.

My favorite piece of gear for this trip is of course my motorcycle. I love this bike. Of course, most bike owners and riders love their bikes. Motorcycles are fun to ride, and easy on gas. And they elevate a person into a special category of friendly individuals, which means that a person meets lots of interesting people and has friends wherever he or she travels. Riding a Motorcycle solo is not a solitary experience.

I also like the fact that the bike is a "dual sport," meaning it's designed for off road travel as well. It's good for riding in the desert around here. But I won't take it off road in hill country, because I wouldn't like to contribute to the erosion problem.

I had a lot fun on this trip, and am looking forward to my Next Fun Trip (NFT).

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