Motorcycling Coast to Coast - Twice

Motorcycling Adventure #1

22 days, 7,300 miles, Apr 2011

Ray Jardine

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2011 MA Day 22 Oceanside to Home - 399 mi.

A few miles back I passed the crossing of the PCT. That makes six times I have been at that spot on various adventures. 4 times on the PCT, 1 time on the "Hello America" cycle trip, and now on this "Moto-America" trip.

Looking out across the Anza-Borrego Desert and in the distance the Salton Sea from the well-known Montezuma grade. During the Hello America cycle trip, we burnt our disc brakes out, going down this hill. Now with the motorcycle, I didn't use the brakes but relied on engine compression.

Bugs on the helmet shield.

I talked with this nice fellow for a while at a rest stop on I-8. He was out for a ride, coming from Yuma.

Home again.
7,300 miles in 22 days
Twice across the US - coast to coast

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