Motorcycling Coast to Coast - Twice

Motorcycling Adventure #1

22 days, 7,300 miles, Apr 2011

Ray Jardine

Day 21 2011-05-10California page 21 of 23

2011 MA Day-21 Kanab to Oceanside - 540 mi.

Fogged face shield, despite pinlock. Actually, the fog was on the outside surface.

Pine Valley Mountains above Hurricane, Utah

I drove the slab through Las Vegas and points south.

Through the Mojave National Preserve

I met this Canadian in 29 Palms. He had just come down Hwy 1 along the coast and was absolutely raving about the coastal scenery.

This is Dan, a local around here - at least he works here but commutes over the Ortega Hwy to San Juan Capistrano. We talked for a good half hour.

View from the Ortega looking down at Lake Ellsinore.

I have reached the West Coast of California.

Celebrating the completion of the cross-country ride with a nice seafood dinner.

After dinner I ambled along the docks, watching a few sea lions cavorting around the marina.

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