Motorcycling Coast to Coast - Twice

Motorcycling Adventure #1

22 days, 7,300 miles, Apr 2011

Ray Jardine

Day 2 2011-04-21White Sands National Monument page 2 of 23

2011 MA Day-02 Las Cruces to Carlsbad - 221 mi.

Looking out across the White Sands Missile Range, with Jenny (and Camper) driving sag wagon for the day.

White Sands National Monument, world's largest gypsum dunefield. Interestingly, that's not the usual silica sand.

Families come to picnic and have their children rent snow saucers to slide down the dunes.

Jenny driving behind me taking a few photos.

I was talking to a friendly chap named Ian, asking him about the prostheses. $35,000 worth, he said - which is about 6 times the worth of my bike. He was admiring my motorcycle so I asked him if he would pose for this photo.

I explained that I'm an engineer, and I'm fascinated by devices like. Technologically It was pretty cool. I also find people such as Ian interesting; how they are coping with a handicap, and what's it like to deal with something like that.

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