Bicycling the TransAmerica Trail

Cycling Across the US, Coast to Coast

Bicycling Adventure #3

54 days, 3,783 miles, Jul-Aug 2010

Ray Jardine

2010-07-13Ray's TransAmerica Gear page 54 of 54

The gear that I started with

Shoes, well used on my A.T. hike.

Tool bag, black.

Handlebar "basket," red, cheap insulated nylon cooler with mounting tabs sewn on.

Seat and post

Spitfire (blue stowbag) used on A.T.

Clothes bag (blue) contains shells, town shorts, extra pair of socks, sleeping hat, shower slippers; all used on A.T.

Rain Jacket (green stowbag) used on A.T.

Quilt, single layer (yellow stowbag) used on A.T.

TP in baggie (white), atop red bandanna and small, green face towel used on A.T.).

Cycling gloves with gel padding, black.

Helmet and rear view mirror.

Maps and valuables.

Tarp, Batwing and stakes (purple stowbag) used on A.T.

Ditty bag, blue, containing personnel effects, all carried on A.T.

Spare inner tubes (3)

Pedals, pedal wrench, and packet of tube repair items.

Roll of extra cord, black, lying on top of white bottle of degreaser.

SmartPhone, black.

Phone charger (pink stowbag), used on A.T.

Can of degreaser/lube (of the type that I don't recommend).

Yellow rafting bag, waterproof.

And blaze-orange cover for the back of the yellow rafting bag.

Plus not shown, my bike packed in a box for the airlines.

Note: I'm not recommending anything, only describing what I used.

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