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Bicycling Adventure #3

54 days, 3,783 miles, Jul-Aug 2010

Ray Jardine

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Day 52, Virginia

From Burkeville to the 615

Leaving Burkeville, I started pedaling the good-old 460 just past sunup. For a while I was looking directly into the sun, and the light ahead of me was so bright that I couldn't see my rear view mirror that well, to know what traffic was coming up behind me; and I'm sure the drivers behind me couldn't see me that well either. So I rode much of that section in the gravel next to the highway, at slow speed.

I reached Blackstone and met Jenny at a c-store, and we stopped for snacks. Then into the military reservation of the same name. I enjoyed pedaling through there because the road was well paved, the traffic was light, and the terrain next to the road was essentially free of litter. And the forests that the road passed through appeared healthy.

I continued on road 40, and went through a few small and widely spaced towns. At a town called Stony Creek I had had enough of, what seemed, the inconsiderate drivers, so was thinking of turning onto the 602, but noticed that beyond that town the road was much improved, so I continued following it. And for the next 21 miles to Waverly, I had no problems with the motorists. It was like night and day. Instead of crowding me off the road, causing me to ditch, they would pull over into the far lane.

Also, through that section, I began to smell the ocean, or at least the oceanic influence with the tidal flats and marshes. And also, the terrain was flattening out to some degree.

We had stopped in Waverly for what was to me "third lunches" and got to talking with a couple of motorcycle enthusiasts. Throughout my journey I have met and talked with a lot of these people and have enjoyed meeting them. One guy made a comment that stuck with me. He said, "You have developed a sixth sense for avoiding problem motorists, same as we have." I didn't know about that, but I certainly seemed to have a sixth sense for who is friendly and easy to talk to. Maybe we all have that. But it certainly has made a difference in my trip this summer, knowing that I can talk to certain types of people.

From there I pedaled 6 more miles to the junction with the 615, and called it a day. Lacking motels, I ordinarily would have found a place to camp. But with Jenny's rental car, it was just as easy to load up and drive to a bigger town.

The end of the trip is within reach, only 43 miles left to my final destination on the coast. So tomorrow should be a fun day, with a ferry crossing of the James River, and a bike path from Jamestown to Yorktown.

It was a fun day today also. I am still enjoying the cycling and the beautiful country we are passing through. I am still meeting friendly people, getting plenty of exercise and fresh air, and my body is almost 100 percent recovered except for one big black bruise that is gradually shrinking, and a few scabs on my leg.

Miles pedaled today: 82

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