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Ray Jardine

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Day 51, Virginia

From Highway 29 to Burkeville

It was just getting light when we loaded the bikes into the car for the short trip back to where I left off pedaling yesterday. Once there I unloaded my bike and resumed the journey.

The morning was cool and I had a slight tailwind, so I made good time, relatively speaking on this rolling terrain with the many hills, one after the other.

Jenny driving sag

I reached Rustville with Jenny leapfrogging me in her car, and continued on road 24, which lead eventually to our nemesis highway, number 460, at Concord. From there I continued pedaling to Appomattox and beyond nearly to Evergreen. The traffic on the 460 was fairly light; nevertheless I had to ditch it off the road into the gravel two times when knots of cars neglected to give me enough room. What I call a knot of cars (a close group) is among the most dangerous because the drivers are focused on each other rather than on any hazard along the way.

But nearly to Evergreen the highway became even too dangerous to ditch it when needed, so at a pullout I conferred with Jenny over the map, and decided to try the 615. In retrospect I should have turned onto this at Rustville. We drove south for the 615, and I started pedaling at the equivalent distance.

When the 615 ran out, I took the 665, then a string of lesser roads winding and rolling east. These roads were a pleasure to ride. The terrain was often beautifully forested, and the yards of the rural houses were neatly groomed. The terrain was hilly to be sure, but the exercise felt good.

Nice cycling, almost no traffic

A covered walkway in Burkeville

Eventually we reached Burkeville and called it a day.

Miles pedaled today: 80

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