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Bicycling Adventure #3

54 days, 3,783 miles, Jul-Aug 2010

Ray Jardine

2010-08-30Virginia page 46 of 54

Day 46, Virginia

From Groseclose to Salem

Wearing super bright clothing is no guarantee that motorists will see you, as we would learn the following day.

After an early breakfast we returned to Groseclose by car and said good-bye to Walt and Pat. And with that we were on our way.

The morning was quite foggy as we rode up the first hill, with Jenny fairly sprinting ahead, eager to begin the ride.

Jenny writes: I was thrilled to be riding along with Ray finally. I love to ride, and to be in such a beautiful state on a two lane, country road on a cool morning, was just perfect. Having come from Arizona I was struck by the dank odors from the thick vegetation.

Ray writes: We pedaled through the community of Rural Retreat then on to the bigger towns of Wytheville, Dublin and Radford. In between towns the countryside was beautiful, but in the towns, themselves, we had to watch our every move because of the very small percentage of motorists that exhibited aggressive behavior.

We stop at a c-store for snacks.

Jenny is still amazed by the greenery.

Here, she has found a bush/tree with huge leaves.


Huckleberry is an evasive species, but it is very fragrant.

Checking my navigation with a small GPS.

In Radford we stopped at a c-store and met the Japanese owner who had created a bountiful vegetable garden out of a small strip of ground in front of his store. I doubt that the casual observer would have recognized the landscaping as anything unusual, but he was growing vegetables a' plenty. We asked him what he harvested, and for example he said he picks some 10 cucumbers a day.

The proprietor is growing vegetables outside his c-store

Nearing Salem, we stopped at the Dixie Caverns and took a tour. The photo is a reflection in a small pool.

Then late in the day we stopped at the edge of Salem for the night.

Miles pedaled today: 89

Special note: Tomorrow's update is a bit graphic, but please note that we're not interested in comments from stay-at-homes about the dangers of our lifestyle.

  • In the United States about 300,000 deaths occur annually due to inactivity and poor dietary habits.
  • Less active adults are at greater risk of dying of heart disease and developing chronic ailments such as colon cancer, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.
  • Motor Vehicle Crashes are the number one killer in the US - on average 93 persons each day.
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