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Ray Jardine

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Day 38, Missouri

From Mountain View to Poplar Bluff

I got going half an hour after dawn; the morning was warm and windless for a while. Just east of the motel was a small factory that made soda vending machines; the machines were stacked up three high in the yard, by the hundreds.

The road was nice for pedaling with a wide shoulder except for a few miles of old highway with a completely defunct shoulder. The terrain was quite hilly so progress was slow, especially in the headwinds. But it was also beautifully forested with tall pines, oak and hardwoods, and the understory was minimal so I could have camped most anywhere.

Rumble strip from hell.

Photo taken where the road had a wide shoulder, but that was rarely the case on this trip.

I found out why these rumble strips are cut so deep. The drivers actually use them to alert themselves that they are driving off the road - both cars and big trucks. I often heard loud rumbling. It sounded like a piston-engine airplane doing run-ups prior to take-off.

At one high point I saw a fire tower standing high above the tall trees. I thought about climbing it, were I so energetic.

A road meant for cycling

A little further on I saw two interesting signs. My camera was malfunctioning so I couldn't take photos of them. One said "$1,000 fine for littering and/or one year in jail. No more littering." I had seen such signs before in this state. The other one read: "Modok Sucks" but didn't know what that was.

Pugged in.

I stopped for the day at Poplar Bluff, at the first motel I came to, since I would have to backtrack a short ways to get back on Highway 60.

In all, a very good day of cycling.

Miles pedaled today: 84

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