Bicycling the TransAmerica Trail

Cycling Across the US, Coast to Coast

Bicycling Adventure #3

54 days, 3,783 miles, Jul-Aug 2010

Ray Jardine

2010-08-17Kansas page 33 of 54

Day 33, Kansas

From Yates Center and back

I left the motel in Yates Center half an hour before dawn, in a light rain. the sky was so dark that I couldn't see it, or much else for that matter. But the further I pedaled, the more the rain increased. A mile out of town it was raining cats and dogs, and by then I had a feeling it might keep doing that all morning. So I turned around and pedaled back to the motel. I thought this might happen, so I had left the door closed but unlocked.

The rain continued throughout the day, so I stayed put.

Miles pedaled today: 2

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