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Bicycling Adventure #3

54 days, 3,783 miles, Jul-Aug 2010

Ray Jardine

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Day 28, Kansas

From Haswell to Leoti, Kansas

I don't use an alarm, not even a wristwatch. My mind knows when the dawn is coming. So half an hour before first light, I started packing my things and breaking camp. And no, I don't need a flashlight.

I wore my shells as protection from the mosquitoes, which were numerous at the park. The morning was warm and the sky full of stars, as I began pedaling down the road. I don't like to ride in the dark, not that I can't see, but any drivers don't like to see something strange moving in their headlights. It tends to freak them out.  

With no supper the night before, I was hungry, so I rode with a will the 23 miles to the next town with food opportunities, a town called Eads. Once there I found a cafe and a c-store.

The café in Eads. The town was named after someone who designed roads and bridges.

I like these small town cafes because the people who gather there tend to be friendly. While I was eating my oversized breakfast, a man and his wife came in, and sat at a big table with many chairs. But they did not sit next to each other, not even close. Strange, I thought. Then more people arrived and filled the chairs. This was a regular meeting place and everyone had his or her seat.

The c-store in Eads

Small oil wells.

I also like to visit these small towns because they are so unlike Hollywood scripts. At the next one, Sheridan Lake, I was sitting outside a c-store enjoying a cold drink, when a guy on a motorcycle pulled to a stop, and ignoring me, went into the store acting all macho. I finished my drink and pedaled away. A while later, here comes the motorcycle. I gave a wave as he sped past, and he gave the biggest wave ever. On the TV people are rarely friendly to strangers. But out here among these small towns, the real world can be full of little surprises.

12 miles further came the town of Towner. This is a tiny town but I have been looking forward to it for the past week. Two miles beyond is the Kansas border. And for the person on a cross-country bicycle trip, the roads in these two states are as different as night and day. The roads in Kansas are so much more smooth.

The open road.

Next came the town of Tribune, where I made another stop for cold drinks. Ditto the next one, Leoti. There the clerk at a c-store said the temperature was 105. The afternoon was yet early but I had my miles, and the sky was not looking good. So I hauled in to a motel. It was a good move, because I heard later that the next town was under a severe storm warning.

I cleaned my bike out back of the motel, degreasing and lubricating the chain and gears. Then I walked to a restaurant under a sky filled with dark and foreboding clouds. Fortunately the storm here didn't eventuate.

Miles pedaled today: 100.6

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