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Bicycling Adventure #3

54 days, 3,783 miles, Jul-Aug 2010

Ray Jardine

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Day 27, Colorado

From Canon City to Haswell

I started out at dawn, wearing only a T-shirt and shorts. The morning was warm and the sky clear.

Rather than follow the guide-map, I took Highway 50, as it looked much more direct. It had a wide shoulder, was 15 miles shorter, and climbed a whole lot less. I also picked up a tailwind that lasted throughout the day. So instead of reaching Pueblo at noon and fighting my way through it, I skirted the city to the north, and reached my intended highway on the other side at 9:00 am.

My parents wanted to visit while I was in Colorado, so they met me at a gas station c-store, and we had an enjoyable reunion. Then they wanted to follow me for a while. So with the tailwinds and the oh-so-gradual descent, they followed right behind at 20 mph for half the day. This Highway 96 is little used, and the locals are used to seeing people riding bikes, so a car traveling that slow didn't seem to be much of a problem.

We stopped at tiny cafes and stores, which big-city folks never seem to do, and met a bunch of friendly people. Then we ate lunch in the small town of Sugar City, and then it was time to say goodbye.

From there I continued making the miles, despite the heat (94 degrees).

At the c-store at Haswell, not open.

I finished the day's riding at Haswell, at 5:00 pm, just after the c-store closed for the day. Time to dig into my supply of snacks. I set up camp in the city park, then a guy on a motorcycle pulled up and reported that he had seen my girlfriend 20 minutes back, and was concerned that she might not make it to here today. I said she's not traveling with me, I'm headed east. Two wheels, b-sharp. Whether traveling by motor or leg power, we tend to look out for each-other. We had a nice chat after that, then he sped away.

The Haswell city park.

So I knew that my "girlfriend" would be arriving a little later. And sure enough, she pulled in and parked her bike nearby.

Kathryn was from from Massachusetts and was doing the TransAm with a Cape Cod start. She had pedaling with two others, but had fallen behind with tire problems, which she has since sorted out. We had a nice chat, then at dark I retired to my tarp and she pitched her tent nearby.

Kathryn and her bike.

Miles pedaled today: 125

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