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Ray Jardine

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Day 26, Colorado

From Breckenridge to Canon City

At 10,400 feet, I slept warm in my single layer alpine quilt wearing only Lycra shorts, a shell jacket and a sleeping hat.

I started out half an hour after dawn, wearing all my clothes, mittens and rain parka. It was cold. It took me about two hours to reach Hoosier Pass, and along the way I saw much evidence of yesterday's torrential rains. I was glad to have waited down there for the storm to pass. This morning's sky was clear and blue.

From the pass at 11,542 ft it was a straight shot down to Alma, at high speed, where I enjoyed a hearty breakfast in a little café.

Alma, looking back towards Hoosier Pass.

the café in Alma

The bike path from there to Fairplay was too rough for comfort so I stuck to the road.

Beyond Fairplay the road led gently downhill, and I had tailwinds. So for the next 20 miles I pedaled about 20 mph.

Beyond Hartsel I picked up headwinds, so it took me seemingly forever to reach Current Creek Pass. Lots of climbing, by the way.

The west side of Pikes Peak (view looking east).

Then came a descent to write home about. It was 4,000 feet and a lot of it was steep. The brakes on the bike got a good workout. And the lower I descended, the hotter the day became.

I reached Canon City at 4:00 and stopped for the night.

Miles pedaled today: 98

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