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Ray Jardine

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Day 24, Colorado

From Walden to Kremmling

I slept in, because of rain, and debated whether to leave at all. I had a nice, comfortable camp, and I was warm and dry. The sky looked foreboding with dark clouds hanging low. It would not be a good day for cycling.

But the spirit of adventure called, and that call is hard to deny. So at 7:30 I set off.

All day I looked for places to camp, and found about 50 of them. Whenever I would find one, I thought "The weather is not that bad ... yet" So I kept on going.

The first 30 miles seemed uphill most of the way. The headwinds were strong, so my speed was low. "That's OK," I told myself, "just keep it rolling." In fact that has become my mantra. "keep it rolling."

I did not take any photos today, because of the rain. I stowed the camera in the dry bag behind me, so I missed a few nice photos of the high Colorado landscape. The nicest one (I missed) was a big deer with a full rack lying comfortably, and hidden in the ditch just 15 feet from the road.

I followed road 14 to avoid the clouds hanging low on the mountains, but when I reached road 40 I had to deal with heavy traffic and no shoulders for 25 miles. The day was a Sunday and everyone was on their way home from Steamboat. Plus, there were no towns for 62 miles until I reached Kremmling.

The low mileage was because of the strong headwinds, on both sides of the pass.

Miles pedaled today: 62

Total miles so far: 1,708

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