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Ray Jardine

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Day 20, Wyoming


Downtown Lander.

My new bike arrived today, so I kept Ed busy putting it together, while changing out a few components from my old bike. The other mechanic was a great help also. For me, it was an exercise in staying out of the way and letting the work be done. With my help the job might have have taken twice as long.

Ed working on the new bike

We used the old handlebars, seat, and pedals, so the new bike feels much like the old one. But man, does it ever ride better. It is so much easier to pedal, it seems to just glide along.

In almost 10,000 miles of cycling between three trips, I have had the pleasure of having work done at only two bike shops that I felt were outstanding. The one in Springfield MO, and this one here in Lander WY. This shop is called "Gannett Peak Sports" and is run by Ronda and Brian, and their staff. They made my new bike the number one priority for the day, making sure it was done on time. They gave me a low price on labor, and a nice credit for the swap-out parts. And they made me feel almost like family. In short, they made my day. But thanks most of all to Ed for being a super sharp bike mechanic.

With that said, I'm ready to depart tomorrow morning.

Miles pedaled today: 0

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