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  Day 5: The Wedge Design
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  Day 9: Jenny Unleashed
  Day 10: Face Mask Freezing to the Nose
  Day 11: Howling Winds and Rough Terrain
  Day 12: Sledging away from the Maritime Influence
  Day 13: Rocking out
  Day 14: Frozen Face Mask
  Day 15: Coldest and Windiest Place on Earth
  Day 16: Skiing on Frozen Rubble
  Day 17: Tracks!
  Day 18: Slogging into Fierce Headwinds
  Day 19: First Sponge Bath
  Day 20: Playing in the Junkyard
  Day 21: Three Weeks, One-Third of the Distance
  Day 22: Playing in the Junkyard, Part 2
  Day 23: The otherworldly Glowing Blue Light
  Day 24: A Packman Game
  Day 25: The vision must be kept
  Day 26: Frozen Cameras
  Day 27: Low Margins of Safety in Strong Winds
  Day 28: Anomalies in the flat Antarctica myth
  Day 29: Thiels Mountains Visible in the Distance
  Day 30: The Half-Way Point
  Day 31: Mid-Journey Resupply
  Day 32: Sastrugi on top of Sastrugi
  Day 33: Skiing Alongside the Thiels
  Day 34: White Out and Mild-Mannered Sastrugi
  Day 35: Difficult Terrain
  Day 36: Cameras Frozen All Day
  Day 37: Alone in an Immense Wilderness
  Day 38: Warm weather and sleds are dragging hard
  Day 39: Climbing to the Polar Plateau
  Day 40: The Disappearing Hill
  Day 41: Extreme Fun
  Day 42: Seven Down, Three to Go
  Day 43: If your ski tips have no shadow, stop quick!
  Day 44: A Strange Object Flies Overhead
  Day 45: Perils of Crossing a Body-Heat Rubicon
  Day 46: Inspired to Greater Heights
  Day 47: Antarctica's Double Sun
  Day 48: Eight Degrees Down, Two To Go
  Day 49: Skiing in the Tropic of Antarctica
  Day 50: The Sun and its Antics
  Day 51: Short Antarctic Summers Wait for No One
  Day 52: Showers and laundry perhaps? No chance
  Day 53: Gaining the Polar Plateau
  Day 54: Good Weather, Fairly Flat Terrain
  Day 55: Climbing the Same Hill for Three Days
  Day 56: Cold but Very Pretty
  Day 57: Gorgeous Weather, Enjoyable Day
  Day 58: Almost There
  Day 59: The Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station
  The Flight to Patriot Hills
  Patriot Hills
  Mount Vinson
  Patriot Hills

Skiing to South Pole

Fierce Winds, Ultra-Cold Temperatures

Adventures in Antarctica

58 days, 700 mi, Nov 2006 - Jan 2007

Ray & Jenny Jardine

2007-01-06 page 60 of 67

Day 57: Gorgeous Weather, Enjoyable Day

Today's weather was gorgeous again, with blue skies, and a modest 5 to 10 knot wind.

For most of the day the terrain was fairly smooth and level. So looking ahead we could see for maybe 5 miles, but no sign of the buildings at the pole yet. Looking behind, we could see for a very long ways, and the sun glistened off the snow like a mirrored surface. The setting was very beautiful and expansive, and I enjoyed the day greatly.






I still can't get used to the fact that we're in Antarctica! Due to the expense I will likely never be here again, so I am enjoying it this time to the max. Of all the people on this year's expeditions, I am the only one who doesn't want to go home. Everybody else can't wait to get out, including Jenny, but I plan to stay until the last flight of the season.

This afternoon we started up yet another hill, and this one was rough with sastrugi also. Come time to make camp, we had to search for a good site, i.e., flat, large enough for the tent, and the right snow consistency. So tonight's view ahead is limited to the top of the hill. Still we can't see the main building at the pole, even though it is three stories high and not that far away.



My foot had been feeling strange, so I pulled off my inner sock for the first time this trip, and was surprised at how the foot looked. I seemed to have been skiing on the ball of the foot, weighting the ski heavily to the inside. I didn't realize that until now. I applied some salve to the splits.

Countdown: 17.9 miles to the Pole

Evening camp: S 89° 44.411' W 88° 24.736'

Today's mileage: 12.6 in 10.5 hrs

Temperature: -21C

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