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  Day 5: The Wedge Design
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  Day 9: Jenny Unleashed
  Day 10: Face Mask Freezing to the Nose
  Day 11: Howling Winds and Rough Terrain
  Day 12: Sledging away from the Maritime Influence
  Day 13: Rocking out
  Day 14: Frozen Face Mask
  Day 15: Coldest and Windiest Place on Earth
  Day 16: Skiing on Frozen Rubble
  Day 17: Tracks!
  Day 18: Slogging into Fierce Headwinds
  Day 19: First Sponge Bath
  Day 20: Playing in the Junkyard
  Day 21: Three Weeks, One-Third of the Distance
  Day 22: Playing in the Junkyard, Part 2
  Day 23: The otherworldly Glowing Blue Light
  Day 24: A Packman Game
  Day 25: The vision must be kept
  Day 26: Frozen Cameras
  Day 27: Low Margins of Safety in Strong Winds
  Day 28: Anomalies in the flat Antarctica myth
  Day 29: Thiels Mountains Visible in the Distance
  Day 30: The Half-Way Point
  Day 31: Mid-Journey Resupply
  Day 32: Sastrugi on top of Sastrugi
  Day 33: Skiing Alongside the Thiels
  Day 34: White Out and Mild-Mannered Sastrugi
  Day 35: Difficult Terrain
  Day 36: Cameras Frozen All Day
  Day 37: Alone in an Immense Wilderness
  Day 38: Warm weather and sleds are dragging hard
  Day 39: Climbing to the Polar Plateau
  Day 40: The Disappearing Hill
  Day 41: Extreme Fun
  Day 42: Seven Down, Three to Go
  Day 43: If your ski tips have no shadow, stop quick!
  Day 44: A Strange Object Flies Overhead
  Day 45: Perils of Crossing a Body-Heat Rubicon
  Day 46: Inspired to Greater Heights
  Day 47: Antarctica's Double Sun
  Day 48: Eight Degrees Down, Two To Go
  Day 49: Skiing in the Tropic of Antarctica
  Day 50: The Sun and its Antics
  Day 51: Short Antarctic Summers Wait for No One
  Day 52: Showers and laundry perhaps? No chance
  Day 53: Gaining the Polar Plateau
  Day 54: Good Weather, Fairly Flat Terrain
  Day 55: Climbing the Same Hill for Three Days
  Day 56: Cold but Very Pretty
  Day 57: Gorgeous Weather, Enjoyable Day
  Day 58: Almost There
  Day 59: The Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station
  The Flight to Patriot Hills
  Patriot Hills
  Mount Vinson
  Patriot Hills

Skiing to South Pole

Fierce Winds, Ultra-Cold Temperatures

Adventures in Antarctica

58 days, 700 mi, Nov 2006 - Jan 2007

Ray & Jenny Jardine

2006-11-21 page 14 of 67

Day 11: Howling Winds and Rough Terrain


Strong winds


Howling winds!



Jenny writes:


he surface conditions today were much rougher. Instead of a relatively smooth and flat surface to ski on, we had a long and gradual uphill climb over rough bumps and a confusion of sastrugi. This was some of our highest sastrugi yet, up to 40 inches.

But we had a flawless blue sky with excellent visibility. In fact, the day was enjoyable, despite one other factor: the biting south wind. Throughout the morning it howled, up to 40 mph, sending a ground blizzard of snow swirling low across the surface.


Still smiling.

"Ray is amazing; nothing ever bothers him. He just kept slogging along, oblivious to the cold and wind. In fact I once heard him laughing."

I skied beside Ray today, and as the hours wore on, I watched his face mask ice up until, from the nose down, it was a frozen mass of icicles. He could not drink from our water bottle, and he could barely pass a few thin salami pieces into his mouth. I tried to loosen the ice from around his mouth but it pulled painfully on his mustache and beard. But Ray is amazing; nothing ever bothers him. He just kept slogging along, oblivious to the cold and wind. In fact I once heard him laughing.


Jenny taking a wind reading.

Happy hour for me is when we stop to make camp after 9 hours of skiing. Setting up the tent and making the inside cozy with pads, quilt, clothing bags. Stove and food warms us both. I was pleased to see today that this took us only 50 minutes.


Transferring bags of food and camping gear from pulk to tent.

Evening camp: S 81° 37.024' W 82° 01.353'

Today's mileage: 11.5


Here is why that nunatak is usually visible at each camp.

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