Greenland Skiing and SnowKiting Adventures

On the Ice Cap

Sledging and Kite Skiing

16 days, May 2006

Ray & Jenny Jardine

Day 13 2006-05-23 page 12 of 13

The next day is also warm and windless, so we set off on skis heading for our pick-up point at the edge of the mountains, five miles distant.

Soon we reach the hill that we climbed at the beginning of our outing, and find it so steep in places that we can almost ski down it with our skins on.

After 12 days of a nearly featureless horizon, our eyes get a real treat.

As we approach our pick up location, the mountains ahead loom ever larger.

It was good to experience the vastness, the stillness, the crispness, and the solitude. But all too soon the helicopter will interrupt all this and whisk us away.

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