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Yellowknife to Arctic Ocean

Northern Paddling Adventure #8

39 days, 960 miles, Jul-Aug 2005

Ray & Jenny Jardine

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Day 30 - Redrock Lake

We awoke to cloud and some southwest wind. As soon as we set off (6:30 am) the wind began picking up. We followed the left shore, cutting across the bays in strong headwinds.

We cut through a group of islands to the other side (the big clover-leaf island), cut across it's bays and then back to the mainland at its northeast tip. The wind had subsided and this part was easy going. At one point we passed two fresh orange peel slices floating on the water.

We island hopped across to the north shore in fresh southwesterly wind. There is a fishing camp visible on the far western shore, at the end of an esker, but we didn't see any fishing boats. Across from the fish camp, were some cliffs where we saw three Peregrine falcons. We did not see any nests.

We followed the lake channel north, now in a perfect calm and reached the end of Point Lake at 1 pm. A bit of fast water with ripples took us into Red Rock Lake. After entering Red Rock Lake we paddled past 3 fishing boats, all in the same area, at the end of the fast water. On shore was a house.

The calm persisted as we followed this lake north and then west, and no matter far from shore we were followed by a huge number of black lies, with a good many mosquitoes.

Then a fresh wind piped up from the northeast and we clawed our way to the point where Max Ward had built his complex. The Twin Otter was not there and we saw no one. The house was all picture windows overlooking the beautiful lake, and had several outbuildings.

We continued north to a low lying island and then in somewhat heavy seas we arced across the bay to the north shore and there we climbed a steep rock slab and made camp at 7 pm. The black spruce grows fairly dense here. All along the way today the willows have dominated the shorelines, covering the ground thickly.

Today we paddled 12.5 hours and did not take any shore breaks.

Camp #30

37 miles, 12.5 hours. Camp #30: UTM 11W 0622416 7267496 Map 86G

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