Canoeing Coppermine River & Pikes Portage

Yellowknife to Arctic Ocean

Northern Paddling Adventure #8

39 days, 960 miles, Jul-Aug 2005

Ray & Jenny Jardine

2005-07-21 page 16 of 40

Day 16 - Stormbound

Stormbound. The storm seems to be abating very gradually. The tent no longer shakes and rattles, but the water remains white capped and grumpy. The sky is still completely clouded over with a light splattering of drizzle every now and then. We went for a walk northeast along the shore, saw a mother ptarmigan with seven chicks.

Jenny hand-stitched an extension onto my bug-netting shirt while I read aloud from The Quest, Grandfather Explains Vision chapter.

Overall the day has been slightly warmer than yesterday. At 5:30 pm our tiny thermometer read 50 degrees F inside the tent.

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